Everyone’s Health Matters – supporting the Southend homeless community

Southend Medical Centre, acting as part of a Primary Care Network is testing out a new way of joined-up and personalised care with their local partners. This has seen the development of a dedicated integrated healthcare service for the homeless in Southend. The project, known as Southend Integrated Healthcare for the Homeless (SIHH) was co-designed with local partners.

In 2017, Southend was in the top ten areas for highest numbers of rough sleepers nationally

  • 73% of those rough sleeping report physical health problems
  • 35% have been to A&E and 26% had been admitted to hospital over the past six months * Homeless Link research data
  • High users of local services. Average age of death being 44 for men and 42 for women
  • High prevalence of infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis C, along with other health conditions
  • Impact of Covid on such a vulnerable group:
    • Lack of access to information
    • Inability to self-isolate – risk of spreading the virus
    • High prevalence of mental health issues and/or substance misuse means poor self-care and an aversion to using PPE
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