SAMS Partnership

SAMS Partnership

SAMS Partnership

Southend Against Modern Slavery (SAMS) Partnership is a Community Partnership working within the Borough of Southend-on-Sea. The Partnership includes local charities, faith organisations and the voluntary sector. We work in Partnership with Law Enforcement and the Statutory Sector towards ending exploitation and human trafficking. We appreciate the unique quality and power of local knowledge and relationships to bring an end to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking. We relate with all people without discrimination, working with people in need regardless of their religion, ethnicity, race, gender or sexuality.

We hold quarterly Partnership meetings to join together in learning more about Modern Slavery and to learn from our Antislavery Action Groups. These Action Groups meet in different locations within the Borough of Southend with the intention of:

  1. Partnering Together

  2. Raising Awareness within our Community

  3. Safeguarding the most vulnerable within our Community

  4. Acting. Taking part in community actions against Modern Slavery

Trained community leaders are available to conduct free Modern Slavery awareness raising workshops. These could be for charities, community groups, businesses, youth groups or among vulnerable people. Please get in touch for further information by visiting our website.