REACH Wellbeing Hub


The REACH Wellbeing Hub is part of mental health charity Trust Links, and provides information, advice, guidance and support for adults with mental health difficulties.

As well as providing advice on how to access REACH Recovery College wellbeing courses and other Trust Links services, the Wellbeing Hub will have a number of other agencies on-hand to offer advice on a range of issues. You can get advice on mental health and wellbeing, drugs, alcohol, housing and homelessness, benefit and healthier living.

Support Criteria:
The REACH Wellbeing Hub and Recovery College services are available to adults aged 18+. Please complete an online referral/registration form, and a member of our team will then contact you.

Contact Details

Phone Number:
01702 213134
Email Address:

Opening Times:
Trust Links and REACH are open on Monday to Friday between 8:30 and 4:40pm.
Our courses, workshops and groups are available at various times throughout the week, with online options available for some courses. You can fine our current timetable and more details on our website.