Voices for Change

This video is screened daily at 12.00pm and 2.00pm on Big Screen Southend and available here online concurrently from 10 to 31 October.

Southend for Black Lives Matter emerged in response to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, mobilising to bring together the community of Southend-on-Sea to make a stand against racism. The group has been instrumental in numerous socially distant protests, vigils and performances to encourage open discussions that challenge and educate us about racial injustices and prejudice.

With the support of Metal Southend and Focal Point Gallery, Southend for BLM have developed a new short film in conjunction with the ‘Southend Art Collective for Social Change’ and filmmakers Gabrielle Milanese and Paul Bates. The film aims to create change and evoke understanding while discussing racism, racial injustice and racial inequality. The combination of interviews, education and performances serve as a catalyst for change and justice.

Please check out https://we.tl/t-L4baQdXXaN for more videos of Southend for Black Lives Matter

Presented by:
Southend for Black Lives Matter

Gabrielle Milanese/Paul Bates

Georgia Alistair, Maisie Armah, Madeleine Boyse, Line Guld Hedegaard Pederson

Corinna Brown, Madeleine Boys

Maisie Armah, Corinna Brown, Kyll Thomas, Danielle Kassarate, Usman Nawaz, Anne Odeke, Jerone Marsh Reid, Nina Singh

Georgia Alistair, Madeleine Boyse, Corinna Brown, Stefan Capper, Kyll Thomas, Sophie Kirkham, Jessica Lima, Ryan James Loughleed, Charlotte Yates

With additional support from:
Metal Southend, Focal Point Gallery, Big Screen Southend, Southend for Black Lives Matter Members, Essex SU Southend, Folded Space, Stand Up To Racism, TOMA (The Other MA)

Additional Footage:
Dan Keeble/Jessica Lima

Audio Mastering:
Christina Giannone