Why Don’t You…

In the spirit of the BBC Children’s television programme, Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do Something Less Boring Instead?, we’ve launched a new online programme with suggestions for how to keep you – and your fellow self-isolators – entertained and stimulated AWAY from the screen. Each instalment, launching every 2 weeks, will be led by a guest artist building upon a resource of activities for you to enjoy at your own pace.

Episode 1

The programme begins with ‘Why Don’t You Crochet A Granny Square or Two?’. Led by artist and FPG gallery coordinator Ruth Hazel who will guide you through crocheting your very own granny square from the comfort of your home.

Episode 2

The second instalment ‘Why Don’t You Make A Ferment?’ sees Southend artist and permaculturist Graham Burnett (Spiralseed) guide us through making ferments and live culture foods. Starting with five simple everyday recipes including sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and sourdough bread.

Episode 3

For our third instalment, local artist and FPG Start Coordinator Lu Williams presents ‘Why Don’t You Make A Zine?’. In this video tutorial, Lu guides us through making your own zine using a simple eight page folding technique.

Episode 4

For the fourth episode in the series Southend artist and permaculturist Graham Burnett (Spiralseed) returns with ‘Why Don’t You Sprout Some Seeds Or Go Foraging?’. In this video, Graham guides us through examples of how to sprout your own beans or seeds at home, as well as foraging wild plants that can be useful additions to our diet.

For further activities that you can do at home, download our free activity pack by local artists Louise Ayre and Philippa Stewart here.

You can also download an additional activity pack which explores concepts and imagery in our current exhibition here.

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