Southend Museums and Southend’s Faith and Belief Network have organised this Festival to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Borough. Co-produced in collaboration with a diverse range of Faith and Belief communities, this festival welcomes those who want to showcase their faith or belief and encourages us all as a community to get to know each other a little bit better.

The last year has been a particularly challenging one for our community. This virtual festival will explore the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic presented to our faith and belief communities and how they have overcome them. This will be a great opportunity to showcase how practices have been adapted and what has been done to help each other and their local communities.

The exhibition showcases pre-recorded videos presented by local faith and belief leaders about their role , the faith they represent and their community work during the pandemic.

This community led exhibition will be accompanied by images of faith related objects from the Museum collection. In partnership with Southend’s Museums and Galleries we explore new ways of building an archive that doesn’t currently reflect the variety of faiths in the borough. We hope that, noting the lack of some poignant objects (particularly domestic objects), we can ignite a positive discussion about how we can change that.

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Share with us

You can also share your own stories, what faith or belief you are a part of and what matters to you. Share your stories and experiences of how you practiced your faith during lockdown. How did you celebrate any events of significance?

An introduction

Some of our Faith and Belief Leaders and representatives tell us a little bit about themselves and how they have coped with covid-19.


A mix of photographs to represent Southend. Some from the Faith and Belief Community of Southend and others from the archives of Southend’s Museums and Galleries.