Imagining a New Future

We invite you to take part in an intergenerational art activity, to be displayed publicly in Southend. The theme is ‘Imagining a New Future’. It is produced by Focal Point Gallery (FPG), one of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s culture and leisure venues, recently re-opened after a period of closure to reduce the spread of coronavirus. The project is presented in conjunction with FPG’s group exhibition, ‘To Dream Effectively’ which brings together international artists whose work offers inventive, and at times cautionary reflections on a future that is conditional on how we dream it to be.

Click here to access the activity pack online.

Other things from Focal Point Gallery:


Resurrection Lands by Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley –


‘To Dream Effectively’, this is a new FPG commission that is part of the current exhibition in support of Black artists


Brand new online sound piece by Larry Achiampong, which draws on his Ghanian roots.  This film is also being shown on Big Screen in Southend.