St Vincent’s Centre


We support vulnerable people needing support with emotional, social, financial, spiritual through direct support or sign posting.

We have a support centre called St Vincent’s Centre, Southend which provides a wrap around service for all necessities including food, tempory accommodation, utilities support, council tax support, clothing and housing furniture support. Then we offer opportunities for people to stabilise their mental health through programmes and support within the centre and our allotments. Finally we help people plan forward to help them start a fresh life with a person centred and trauma informed approach. We do all this in partnership with Southend charities and groups knowing that if you knock on our door you knock on the door of our whole community support. We look forward in welcoming you to our Southend City where we Turn Concern into Action.

Specialist Support:
If anyone is hosting people from Ukraine then you are welcome down to St Vincent’s Support Centre where we will provide food, clothing, Mental Health support, Bereavement support, cultural activities, someone to chat with and opportunities to be a volunteer. We welcome anyone so that they feel a sense of belonging to our community. Please email for support with Ukraine people staying with you and together we will help u support them.

Support Criteria:
We support anyone in need of help and are equipped to do so.

Contact Details

Phone Number:
Email Address:

Opening Times:
Drop in Service Mon – Fri 10.30am – 14.30pm Welcomed in for a cuppa and a chat to get to know you
Programmes as displayed on our website.
We have the Kindness Kitchens providing Hot meals Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun between 7pm and 8pm – Sit down services.
Set day programmes
Mon & Wed Chillout with games and lunch 11 – 2pm
Thurs Relax to the Max Day – Chit Chat sessions, free haircut for those in need.
Men’s Marvellous Moments and Women’s Wellbeing Wednesday are once a month so check our Facebook or website for day on the coming month.