New Parent Champions welcomed to project

The Turning Tides Team are happy to Introduce the new Parent Champions. Welcome and congratulations to Silvina, Marion, Szilvia, Kirsty and Sam we all look forward to working with you.

The group will help to represent the voices of parents living in Shoebury, Kursaal, West Shoebury, Milton and Victoria wards.

Parent Champion Training is a five session course focusing on building your confidence, opening up new opportunities and involving you in the process of implementing change in your community.

Benefits of becoming a Parent Champion:

  • Learn about A Better Start Southend and the benefits of its projects
  • Learn about SAVS and Turning Tides
  • Get your voice heard about important local topics
  • Learn about Parent Champion opportunities
  • Build your confidence and develop your communication skills
  • Learn about services available to children in Southend
  • Learn about co-production and co-design
  • Be part of the designing of local children services
  • Learn about Safeguarding, Policies and Procedures
  • Have the opportunity to attend Governance Meetings, Parent Forums and Ward Panels
  • Hear from a current Parent Champion about their journey
  • Take part in upskilling workshops

You can learn more about the Parent Champion course on the SAVS A Better Start Southend page here.

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